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Biff Labs is an early-stage startup in Cambridge, Massachusetts building products that weave the online social world together with the world around you. Our mission is to make social content more discoverable, relevant, and useful by organizing the deluge of information in the social web and delivering beautiful, new experiences.

We are a small, ambitious company of smart people who challenge each other to come up with elegant solutions to wildly complicated problems. Few people in the world have worked with the full Facebook and Twitter firehoses, but several of our engineers have. Not many people have built products launched by Mark Zuckerberg, but members of our product team have. Our engineers are building out infrastructure to ingest and organize massive amounts of social content while our product and visual design teams craft a beautiful, intuitive experience for users. Together, we’re inventing technologies that sift the social corpus to present the best content to the right person at the proper time and place. It is an enormous challenge and we need team members to contribute to all aspects of our work and have a large impact on our success. Our working environment is fast-paced and highly demanding but we're fun-loving and truly excited to be working on something great. We are located in Central Square, are supported by top-tier investors, and offer competitive salaries and benefits packages.